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Spotify lower their loudness target by -3dB

Spotify uses Replay Gain which is one of the earlier (if not the first) technique to even out the volume between both individual tracks and whole albums so that the listener perceives every track equally loud no matter how hot the original master is. After some user complaints about their playback

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Automated Mastering Services

About once a week I get the question -“What do you think about automated mastering services such as Landr?”. There’s a very short and a profoundly more detailed answer. I tend to go for the short answer since the real answer is a lecture and I’ll probably lose you half

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Spotify Album mode?

It seems like if Spotify silently implemented an album mode to their loudness compensation algorithm! I was doing some online loudness experiments when I happened to notice that the volume varied on a track in Spotify depending on how I listened to the track. If I browsed my way to the

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10 (or 11) tips before sending your files of for mastering

We have a list of things to consider before you hand them over to your mastering engineer but my friend and colleague, Sigurdór Guðmundsson, did an extended list with some great additional points. Head over to his site and get inspired!

Ändrade priser

Vi har justerat våra priser för att göra det mer fördelaktigt att skicka fler spår för mastring, t ex album men även EP’s är nu billigare än tidigare medans enskilda spår kostar marginellt mer. Istället för de olika paketpriserna har vi nu en kalkylator där du enkelt kan få en fingervisning om vad mastring

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Tidal start to use ITU-R BS.1770-4

Great news, Tidal joins the club and start to normalize loudness according to the ITU-R BS.1770-4 standard. I’m not sure what to think about that every streaming service use different standards, it’s not all bad (I know what I think about Spotify’s approach though; Hey Spotify, skip the extra 3dB that you

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SSES vs. Spotify

To be loud ain’t a competitive advantage, it is and has always been a misconception based on ignorance. Last week got a little bit crazy, a full mastering slot schedule plus the annual audio fair in Sweden (LLB) where I wanted to attend several seminars plus that I was invited by SSES (Swedish Sound Engineers

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ISP/True Peak limiter test

— ISP, Inter Sample Peak or TP, True Peak, refers to peaks in the analogue domain. That is, how your peaks will look after your waveform has been converted from a digital stream within your computer, phone, iPod or CD to electrical impulses that can be amplified and played back

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LUFS – Loudness-Projektet

Since this was posted in early 2016 Spotify have both implemented an album mode and lowered their loudness target by 3dB. LUFS This is the first of a series of loudness experiments with two goals. First; we wanted to hear for our selves how different online platforms handle different loudness targets.

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Linkedin var så snälla att påminna mig om att det idag är precis 2 år sedan som jag slog upp portarna för Saintpid Mastering. Saintpid har på den tiden växt från mitt ombyggda sovrum till en välljudande akustikbehandlad lokal och planerna på en lite större och ännu bättre lokal är redan igång, front-to-back är nästa

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