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Johannes built his first studio at the age of 12, the 4 channel cassette player, drum machine and the cheap synthesizer soon grow to a full-blown 32 channel studio and in his early twenties, he was working as a producer for a major music publisher. After a couple of years, frustrated with the strange music business hierarchy, he left the producer career and started to take on technical assignments from fellow producers and sound engineers, doing everything from soldering patch-bays to construct whole studios. Since then Johannes has been working with almost every aspect of audio; movies, computer games, audio plugin developer, installation and calibration of live and club systems, live and studio engineer, radio production, lesser of audio and light equipment, teaching mastering, sound engineering, and music production. After 28 years of fine-tuning his technical and listening skills through every corner of the audio world, Johannes decided to move on into the most difficult and finest field of audio engineering, mastering.

Johannes got into mastering around 2000 working with various low budget projects that couldn’t afford professional mastering and he ended up doing it himself. Those masters led to more mastering assignments but it wasn’t until 2013 he decided to build a dedicated mastering studio. Johannes started Saintpid Mastering in January 2014 and has since then mastered numerous records in all genres, everything from folk music to techno.

Saintpid, what’s up with that?
It’s a long story but if you would like to know more about the name and logo you can start by taking a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller

“Details matter, do no harm…”