Although a skilled mastering engineer should have the ability to find and enhance what is great and unique with every track he/she works with regardless of one’s personal taste, you can’t deny that working with music you enjoy do make a difference. During 2018 I had a couple of projects that stand out from the crowd and that has found its way to my personal playlist, my 2018 number #1 would be the unreleased album by Marie Sjåvik (which I’m sure will take the world by storm when released) and another favorite was the band Marble Mammoth and especially the song ‘Crack Baby Panic Attack’. It was a true bliss to work with this song, perfectly mixed by Labros at, some small EQ and dynamic adjustments, set the volume against their other tracks and then just close my eyes and enjoy the music. It’s almost as if great music masters itself.
Now there’s a video to accompany the track and the song has gotten even better!

Marble Mammoth – "Crack Baby Panic Attack" (Official Video)