We charge hourly while mixing since it’s hard to calculate the time needed to take a tracking session to a full-blown balanced mix. The better the recording and preparation of all audio files the better result. A high-quality tracking session with not too many channels can be done in under 4 hours. A problematic session easily doubles the amount of time needed. For a set price quote we need info about your project, contact us here or send us an e-mail at info[at]saintpid.se.

All prices are without VAT.

– Day 1:
600:- skr/hour or 3 300:- skr for the day*

– Day 2 and on:
470:- skr/hour or 2 800:- skr for the day

*Whole day: about 7-8 hours effective mixing, office hours

*skr = Swedish Krona

– If we do the mixing and you want us to master as well we’ll use the same pricing as mixing. We save time and you’ll save money! Do you want someone else to master your music that’s been mixed by us? No problem, we’ll deliver raw mixes prepared for mastering, either as stereo files or stems.